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exmedio ensures that everything will be taken care of. Inform friends, terminate contracts and delete online accounts - everything will be done.
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If something happens to you

Everything will be taken care of

Thanks to exmedio nobody should pass away without having all your important things managed. Friends all over the world will be notified early enough to take part in the funeral service or the burial. Nothing important remains unsaid. And the bereaved know everything that they need to manage.
Your loved ones will not have to deal with the annoying bureaucracy that comes with terminating contracts, subscriptions, memberships and online accounts as exmedio seamlessly does this for you at the time of your passing

With exmedio you can be certain that everything will be managed for as you wish.

How it works

exmedio cares

You take precautions - supported by a digital assistant - and exmedio cares for everything as soon as it becomes necessary.

Fast messaging

exmedio has developped a system allowing instant and reliable notice if something were to happen to you.

Inform contacts

Your beloved ones, friends or business partners will be informed quickly and discretely - even with individual messages if you prefer.

Contract management

Manage your subscriptions, insurance contracts and memberships. exmedio will terminate them when they are not needed anymore.


Contractors and online
services stored.

Safe and secure

Legally and
technically ensured.


Everything centralized and
always at hand.

Höchste Datensicherheit bei exmedio
Your data in safe hands

The data fortress in Germany

There is nearly no more sensitive data than those to organize your legacy. That's why we bring the most proven security technology in every single step.

The communication between your device and our server takes place on at least the same encryption level in which you trust when it comes to your online banking.
Our data processing service center is managed by specialists who also run the infrastructure for payment terminals in the retail industry. There is no higher security level in Germany (PCI compliant).
We always verify your passing before we start an automated process. Certain steps are only processed if the death certificate or the heir's certifitcate is submitted.
Always at sight, stored for later

Everything settled from A to Z

Taking precautions for your passing has many different aspects. exmedio assists you with the management of your digital and analog legacy.

Personal messages

We transfer your last message: To whom did you want to say thank you all the time? Or sorry? Maybe you also keep a secret which you need to pass on after your passing.

Contract management

That makes even your life easier: The dashboard and reminders to cancellation periods. If you want, we can even do the hard work to sort your paperwork: Just ship us the documents.

Taking work from the bereaved

In case of your passing, exmedio will terminate the stored contracts, subscriptions, insurances and memberships. This way, you leave a positive last impression by relieving the burden of work from your loved ones.

Digital legacy

Determine in advance what shall happen with your accounts at Facebook, Twitter and others. You can even determine what happens to your accounts at PayPal or online casinos with exmedio.

Rapid notification

exmedio's service promises that your beloved ones, friends and relatives will be noticed early enough to be able to pay your last respects at your funeral service.

Healthcare proxy and patient's provision

In case you are not able to express your will yourself anymore, exmedio supports you as well with an assistant: Create your personal precaution documents.

Humans as your contact persons

Our qualified employees are happy to assist you at any time with taking your precautions with exmedio. We know that these topics here aren't easy. That's why we appreciate being in place for our customers.


Prevention digitally & safe

Inform friends for free, regulate everything for a descent price or prevention for the whole staff: exmedio offers the right package for every need.

exmedio basic

0 free version

  • informup to 50 contacts
  • personalmessages
  • deletethe most common
    online accounts
  • record digitally:
    healthcare proxy and patient's provision
  • informationvia email
free entry

exmedio standard

29 for the first year, 50% off the second year

  • unlimitednumber of contacts
  • contract managementfor subscriptions, memberships, insurances
  • delete or transferall your online accounts
  • optional:
  • recordphysical documents
  • setup-service:send your paperwork
long-term payment possible

exmedio corporate

on requestreasonably priced flat charge

  • personal supportin case of bereavements in the personnel
  • checklists and communication aidfor the administration
  • precautionfor all employees
  • rule company-relevantissues reliably
  • storeprivate things, too
individual package

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